Rage - Carbon Main Blade 700mm

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  • Item no.: F-40-4700R
  • EAN: 6946837313095


The new Rage main rotor blades for the 700 size, designed by Compass developer Sebastian Zajonz.

The effective and energy-saving profile of the 700mm Compass rotor blades has been adopted. The rotor blades have somewhat more forward flow, which means they have a fast cyclical response. The weight of the blade has been increased and the center of gravity has moved further to the center, which means that the weight does not negatively affect the cyclical performance. As a result, more fabric could be used instead of lead, which is why the blade has become very stiff. This also prevents jerks. The rotor blade is neutral in the fast flight without getting nervous.

The chosen design with a relatively high white content ensures extremely good visibility. The blade pulls very hard without bogging the motor, also ideal for nitro!

Technische Daten:

Length: 700mm
Deepness: 8.2mm
Thickness: 60mm
Root: 14mm
Drill-Hole: 5.1mm
Weight: 195g
Offset: ca. 0.15 / 2mm

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